should i wait?

Dear Suzie, I am a 15 year old boy and am desperatly in love with a girl, I overcame the ‘telling her’ bit, which was really hard, because she has a boyfreind, but she admitted she loved me alot aswell, but she would never want to hurt her boyfreind, I have accepted this, Its just getting a bit frustrating. I know that I am one of her best freinds and that she will come with me if she breaks up with her boyfreind, but I don’t know how long I should wait.

Please help me



Well done for overcoming yr nerves and shyness and talking to her. It sounds as if both of you are so kewl – kind and caring and honest.


You can only respect her for not wanting to two-time her present fella. Now she knows, it’s up to her to make the comparisons and decide who’d she’d rather be with in the long run.


To be honest, relationships tend to last a shorter time the younger you are when you start them. So putting yr relationship on hold may be a good thing! As for how long to wait – only you can decide that. Maybe being best friends for many years would be better than being a couple for a few months.

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