She can offer sex tips!

Dear Suzie, my ex bf who i lost my virginity with has recently emailed me saying that if i want any sex tips his new gf would happily offer! how can i possibly regain my self confidence and feel good about myself in the bedroom after that?!?!
also another ex (more recent) who broke up with me 4 months ago i have recently found out was using me and was 2 timing his long term gf with me. how can i trust another man not to do the same to or with me?

Easily; because not all boys are such jerks. Most are decent, kind, loving and want to give as good as they get. These two are sad exceptions; little boys so ill at ease with themselves that they have to lie and cheat and make up silly tales to make themselves feel better.

You have to ask yourself why on earth would anyone be so stupid, so mean, so petty as to send such an email? Sex isn’t about tips; it isn’t about bedroom tricks. It’s about passion and love and sharing. He’s obviously far too inexperienced or far too shallow to realise this and you gotta pity him – and his new gf!

As for the other one – yes, there are guys out there who can’t manage a close, intimate relationship and so use women other than their primary partners to run away from commitment and hide behind. Again, pity them, and their partners.

You are going to get on out there, meet more people and have more relationships. And each time you meet someone you’re going to trust your instincts and be honest and true. If you get mucked about again, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they were idiots who didn’t realise gold when they found it. But if you are honourable and sincere, sooner or later you’ll find love with someone as good as you. Good luck!

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