running to America

Dear Suzie,
I’m 17 and going through a lot of problems at the moment with family and everything. I really want to move to the USA but don’t know where to start. I’ve only got 4 thousand pounds in the bank. I really have’nt got a clue where to start looking for advise on this matter,any advise would be greatly appreciated thanks,

I wonder why you want to move to the states? You don’t mention friends or family over there so it sounds as if you’re running away from sad and hurtful events in your life and your family, and hope the fairy tale world of Hollywood or tv may give you the answer. Well, much as I would love it to do so, it won’t, I’m sorry to say! Turn up like an Ellis Island refugee in 21st century New York, with a mere £4000 and you’ll be in deep trouble very soon. And of course there is no way you’d be allowed to emigrate in this situation.

Okay – so what can you do? For a beginning, you need some help on sorting out those family problems. It would help if you could ask someone for some support in this – a guidance counsellor at your place of education or work, or through your GP or via Relate; Relate offer counselling to adults and teens for relationship and family issues. Look in the local phone book for your nearest centre or go to . They also do phone counselling – call 08451 30 40 16 for an appointment.

I’m not clear whether you’re still in full-time education or at work or cut loose or what. If you do want to go to the states, you need qualifications; so what about getting them? If you’re not in education, get back in. You’re entitled to full time ed until you’re 18 so demand it, one way or other – if you don’t feel supported by any adult who can fight for your rights in this, ask your local Citizens Advice Bureau to suggest someone – address in the local phone book or at their website

Running away never helps because what you’re running from often stays on your shoulder and comes along with you. Set your mind to facing up to those problems or making a planned exit from them with support and the qualifications that will set you up to rise above them. Good luck!!

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