My boobs are small so I’m still a virgin.

Dear Suzie, im 15 years of age nearly 16 i started m period back last year but my boobs are quite small im a 32b and they havent grown in ages but they hurt if i accidentily wack them off something does this mean they are stll growing ? im so scared im still a virgin because of it please help me. im 9 stone and 5 ft 7.


If you started your periods last year the chances are you have some growing still to do. If you whack breasts of any size and any stage of development – growing or grown – they will hurt. I would say you’re a little  underweight for your height and that would have some effect on your breast size. Eating sensibly as well as doing a reasonable amount of exercise, s well as simply having patience and waiting, would help you fill out.

 If your breast size is the only thing holding you back from losing your virginity I’d say…damn good thing, too. At your age, you’d do well to wait. I can’t tell you the number of letters I get from young people wishing they’d waited a year or so. The ONLY reason you might have sex is because you’ve found someone really, really special, who thinks you’re really, really special too, and both of you simply can’t hold back from showing your feelings.

 And, of course, you’ll have fully discussed the risks of pregnancy and sexual infection and fully agreed what method of contraception you’ll use together. You may opt to go to your doctor to discuss and be prescribed the pill but even so you’d still also use a condom, because unprotected sex at your age slightly increases your risk of developing cancer of the cervix.

 And if that has you reeling back saying “Whoa! No way! As if!” then let me tell you, you’re way to young to be even thinking of having sex, and absolutely right to be scared. Not because of your breasts but because sex isn’t a game and it may be nice and fun, but with nice fun comes great responsibility. What ever you may have thought or heard, most of your friends will wait too. The majority of young people leave their first sexual experience till they are 17 or over.  So – be patient. Wait for your body to develop because it will, and wait for the right time and person to come along, because they will. But not now.

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