I’m crazy about this girl

Dear Suzie, im 15 year old boy, and yeah im really stuck..since september i juss got in highschool and ive been crazy about a girl, make a long story short, ive been going for her since day 1 and we started going out since feb. 18th and broke up the may 14th cuz we kept arguing and shes the type to give up easily, and now were talking on msn but we havent in real life, and it seems we both want to get back together, and her friend likes me, n we went to a show together, n b4 i left we kissed lasted like 3 secs. she probably already herd of it, but i dont kno where things are ganna go from here, shes done stuff at partys 3 times to me, 2 times b4 going out ( her excuse was i was drunk ) and once at a party at her place 2 days b4 i broke up. i really dont kno what to do, i juss wanna get things back to normal n be with her and show her we can be the best thing..what have u got in suggestion ??

You know what totally shone out from your mail to me? Absolute sincerity. I’m rooting for you because you really made me believe you’re crazy about this girl and so want to be with her. So, if I can respond to what you’ve said, so will she. My advice? Write it down. Write down, just as you have to me, what you feel about her, how you miss her. Tell her that you’d like to try again because you want to be with her. If you’ve done stuff you regret, say so and promise not to do it again – and mean it. 

It may be worth thinking about all those arguments. It sounds as if you feel a good row clears the air while she feels they’re scary and unpleasant. If you want the relationship to last, a bit of give and take would help. Maybe you need to learn to talk, not shout. And maybe she needs to learn raised voices don’t always mean she has to walk away.

Write it out on paper and send it to her. You could type it on your computer and copy it into an MSN message but personally, I’d strongly recommend writing it out on good paper and sending or giving it to her. Once she reads what you have to say, the girl you’re crazy about would be crazy not to give you a second chance.

Good luck!

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