He’s been off with me

Dear Suzie,

ive been with my boyfriend for over a month now im onlii 13 but thats not the point. but lately hes been off with me and i asked him about it and he said that every things fine. well today was hes last day at school and normally id be missing him like mad already but i aint i dont no if it is goin to last between us but i really like him but does he like me ???

from frustrated x

Your being 13 is the point, actually. Not to diss you at all but relationships at your age are important and intense and wonderful…and short term.

You’re not missing him because it was great while it lasted but it wasn’t meant to last very long. A month is fine – great fun. But when someone starts being off with you, what’s the point of flogging a dead horse?

People can have up days and down days and if yours is a long-term relationship in which you’ve invested time and effort then of course you try to sort out problems and help each other get over the bad times. But when someone hasn’t the manners to treat you with respect from the word go then you’re much better off cutting your losses and moving on.

If you want to have a happy life with happy relationships I’d take a few things to heart;

One is treat other people as you’d like to be treated – with kindness, honesty and respect.

Two is expect other people to treat you the same, and don’t accept second best.

Three is trust your instincts. if it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t good. Don’t persist.

Four is don’t be a doormat; if anyone uses or abuses you, turn your back and walk away.

Have a good summer!

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