he says i’m fit but he fancies a mate

Dear Suzie,

I really,really like this guy, but i recently heard he apparently ‘fancies’ one of my mates. He has said before that im ‘fit’ and that he loves me…

what does this mean? what do i do?

It probably means he’s a normal guy who fancies lots of nice looking and interesting girls. As I’m sure you are a normal girl who fancies lots of nice looking and interesting boys. I don’t think “love” comes into it – that’s something you develop with a partner with whom you have a real relationship over time.

What do you do? If you fancy him and would like to see more of him, ask him out. Ask him if he wants to join you and some mates for a coffee, a movie, to hang out at your local mall.

But watch out over declarations of love. You shouldn’t really expect or believe anything that smacks of lifelong devotion or eternal fidelity at this stage. After all, deep down that’s not what you feel for him, so why should you think he feels it for you?

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