Does she like me?

Dear Suzie, 

 Hi met this girl a couple a weeks ago through my sister and get on really, she want to take thinhs slowly because of her last boyfriend (they ended up in bed on the first nite) she text me first nearly everyday. the other day she texted me saying that she miss me and relise that she enjoy my company. does that mean she likes me alot? we kiss and hold hands

 Yep, sounds to me she likes you a lot. Sounds to me as if you like her a lot, too. Want my 5 tips for having a happy relationship?

1)      Be honest. If you like her, tell her so. So many relationships are ruined by people playing silly “play it cool” games. You don’t tell her, she doesn’t tell you. Then one of you gets the idea the other one doesn’t care and flounces off. Such a waste!

2)      Be decent. Stay faithful and if your feelings change, let her down sympathetically, carefully and honestly.

3)      Be reciprocal. Always act to the other person as you’d like them to act to you. Kindness, attention, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on go a long way.

4)      Go at her pace. But let her know your pace too. If you’re keen she needs to know, but if she wants to take it slowly you need to value that.

5)      Show and feel respect. If you think she’s worthwhile and say so, she’ll feel the same about you.

Good luck!

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