Does he like me?

Dear Suzie, i really need help… I’m dying!

I’ve been working with a guy since christmas (7 months now) and we became good mates. I liked him then and let him know… but he already had a girl friend. he was cool about it and we stayed great friends. we spoke to each other when we saw each other but never text each other.

he has now split up with his girl friend and texts me alot. we’ve been out loads as mates since the split and he acts differently around me. he always wants to come out now when before he wouldn’t dream of coming out.

he does act differently with me too… like he put his arm round me the other day when he thought i was upset n said in a sort of baby voice “aww r u upset?”. he texts me saying silly things like when i was tidying my room he text me saying “you can come and tidy my room if u like!” i cant describe how else he is different with me but it just seems like he wants to know me and be with me more.

it’s probably wishful thinking but i really want someone else’s opinion who doesn’t know either me or him! i’m dying because i’ve really liked him for ages and it’s killing me not knowing how he feels! i’m not sure if he thinks i like him anymore either!

Please help!! i need to know what to do about him? do i forget him and put it down to wishful thinking? or do i carry on like i am and get nowhere!?

There’s no point asking me – I’m not psychic! His behaviour suggests it, and suggests that he remembers very well that you’ve told him how you feel. But the only person who can really tell you how he feels is the man himself. Go ask.

Say “I told you what I felt about you and it still applies. How do you feel about me? Do you like me enough to date me?” If he says yes, arrange something without all those mates around. If he takes the opportunity to tell you he’s really fond of you but wants to remain friends, accept it. You won’t die, I promise you, even though it may hurt.

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