Pocket Money

My son’s friends seem to get much more pocket money than him. I’ve tried to explain to him that I just can’t afford to give him any more but he still asks for more – what can I do?

Telling isn’t the same as showing and maybe you need to sit down and go through the realities of what you have and what you have to spend it on. Even small children can understand budgeting if it’s explained to them. They can also benefit from having an allowance rather than pocket money.

Give him more, but go over with him what things he will be responsible for buying, such as some new clothes or his lunches. If he chooses to blow it all on one purchase he’ll learn the hard way what you’re trying to say – that there isn’t enough for everything and once spent it’s gone.

Depending on his age you could also support him in earning some money for himself, with a paper round or by washing cars for neighbours – make sure he’s safe whatever he does, but encourage him to see money is something that has to be worked for, not simply demanded.

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