Is it thrush?

Dear Suzie, for about a week I’ve been having a thick white, almost solid, foul smelling discharge from my vagina and it’s really sore all the time. I wash regularly and have had a recent (2 weeks ago) STI screening which came back normal (both my partner and I had one before I went on the pill and both were clear). I have had unprotected sex with him since our results, but don’t think it would be an STI as we were both clear. I am, however on antibiotics for a throat infection. Is this thrush? If so should I go to the doctors or are OTC remedies enough?

It may well be thrush – it certainly sounds like it. Antibiotics are very prone to trigger thrush and for that reason many sensible doctors always tell you to take probiotics in the shape of live yoghurt or probiotic drinks when you take them. Pity yours didn’t but start today.

While OTC remedies are fine when you’re sure that’s what it is, it definitely would be sensible to have this checked out, just in case it is something else or if it’s been triggered by another condition. Make an appointment today, and ask for an immediate one – tell the receptionist you’re in pain and distress. And get your boyfriend to have treatment too, otherwise you will ping-pong the infection back and forth between you. He can carry it and pass it to you even if he doesn’t have symptoms. Hope it gets better soon!

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