He wont leave me alone

Dear Suzie, I have a creepy bloke who keeps contacting me. I went on 3 dates with him a year ago and he wont leave me alone. I\’ve got a new bf of 9 months who i love dearly and i just want to be left to my new life. I\’ve asked him to leave me alone but he phones me (which I ignore), texts me (which I ignore) and emails me (which I ignore) many times a week! Any advice??? I\’ve spoken to him so many times asking him to leave me alone but he just says he loves me.

Contact the police, at once. This is stalking and they take it very seriously now, as they should. It would help if you can show them evidence so if you have kept texts mails and messages show these to an officer, but even if you have trashed them, give them a clear idea of how much contact he attempts and how upset it makes you feel. If he won’t leave you alone after being asked to do so the police can take him to court and make him.

Do it, today. it’s gone beyond the point where you can do this on your own. Don’t let embarrassment stop you asking for help, or feel sorry for him and don’t listen to his protestations of love. This isn’t love it’s harassment and it must stop.

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